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During the 2024-2025 season our teams will work and compete for bids to compete at the 2025 Varsity Summit National Championship in Orlando, Florida in late Spring of 2025.


At Dance Xpress, our mission is to introduce competitive dance teams to the vibrant Lincoln,NE area. Led by a talented, passionate, and seasoned head coach, we aim to create a dynamic and supportive environment where our students can break through boundaries both on and off the dance floor. Through engaging and challenging classes, we foster physical, mental, and social growth, empowering each dancer to reach their full potential. Our focus extends beyond technique, as we prioritize instilling values such as teamwork, work ethic, and respect. With opportunities to compete in a variety of styles including POM, JAZZ, CONTEMPORARY, LYRICAL,AND HIP-HOP, dancers are encouraged to explore their creativity and shine in every performance. Join us at Dance Xpress All-Stars and discover a limitless world of dance possibilities!


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Join our Youth Team where dancers have the opportunity to shine in Pom and Jazz styles. Our all-star program not only introduces young performers to new styles but also prepares them for the excitement of competing on a national level, mirroring the experience they'll have on their future high school dance teams. Led by dedicated coach, our Youth Teams provide a supportive and encouraging environment where dancers can hone their skills, build confidence, and forge lifelong friendships.


Welcome to our Junior Team, where the competitive spirit runs high and dancers in Middle School train to excel in the dynamic realms of Pom and Jazz. Our Junior Team not only hones individual skills but also emphasizes the importance of teamwork, preparing dancers for the cohesive dynamics of high school dance teams. Guided by our seasoned coach, we work as one cohesive unit, pushing boundaries and striving for excellence together. 


Join our Senior Team at Dance Xpress, where we come together to compete in the Pom and Contemporary/Lyrical styles, guided by head coach Peyton Pyle. This unique opportunity not only allows dancers to showcase their talent but offers a platform for growth, teamwork, and unforgettable performance experiences. Step into the spotlight with us and be part of something extraordinary on the Dance Xpress Senior Team!

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